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  1. Jah-Jah Marley


  2. Ito

    2020 & my speaker still knockin Gucci mane

  3. M B


  4. Raven Toney

    Enchanting is the most important part of the song

  5. Ant V

    Best southern rap. NBA needs to take notes. No talk box .... not alot of hooks. And gutter af

  6. Peace Isn’t Harder Than War

    She reminds me of Jessica Rabbit 😍

  7. Gervonta Dorsey

    What’s big blurrr ?

  8. YO YO

    Straight fire

  9. Symon

    BIG BOY DIAM0NDS :cold: :gem: *xcqP xqcSword*

  10. JJOHNI


  11. C Moe

    This the song you hear on the radio on the way to the club and the DJ hypin it up talkin about “you better get down here right now the line is wrapped around the building”

  12. Lil Jay Wop


  13. Jewel Luscious

    *Been on this song before Verzuz but didn't know Nicki Minaj was in the video*

  14. Lindsey K

    This jawn hot I can't stop the repeat....the silk version I grew up to they did justice by the sample 💯

  15. Joshua Pfuntner

    east side

  16. Pezzy

    Who here in 2020 still banging dis?

  17. Tam D.

    Texas in here 🥶

  18. Tam D.

    Damn they icey cold 🥶 I bet Asian Doll sick them girls killing her!

  19. John Doe

    Shout out all the real ones who banged this years before a versus battle

  20. Pistol2Nine


  21. Sandrine Gamboa

    Not gonna lie Gucci Mane put his FOOT in this SONG!!!🎶

  22. biggatap

    so when gucci play the truth he won .... like how do you response to a track like this

  23. laron cutno

    Gucci still got that crazy flow no matter who on the beat aha 😂😂😂😹but this team go hard key glock I see bruh

  24. Solid King

    Hey Gucci mane remember my sister Laeh she didnt tell you her real name.

  25. Corey Jackson

    locke me up out back juug juugin

  26. Hustle Combat

    This song slaps

  27. robert kennedy

    Here's another dumb comment that has nothing to do with the song where are all my likes??????? 👇

  28. Erik Johnson

    Shiesty and 30 can’t miss😏💪🏽

  29. Nataly Faison

    Tbh Gucci weren’t wrong if a mf set me up trying to kill me I would of been on my toes the whole time too and did all that 💯

  30. Alex Morangelli

    shoutout to all those who been knew bout this song

  31. cash Milow

    December 2020 anybody ?😂

  32. trek Jarvis

    Gucci pliz

  33. Shan Marie

    Foogi need his on song

  34. trek Jarvis


  35. Ja Leon Smith

    Go fw my music man

  36. IncorporatedOps

    Can we talk about how good that cinematography looks?

  37. Ja Leon Smith

  38. Ja Leon Smith

  39. Sam Will


  40. KAVU Soundcloud

    Listen to Dr Strange Tales by KAVU on #SoundCloud

  41. AJ Alexander

    Get out my way u see the line .. Im just gang bang !! 🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏿

  42. Alexander Suarez

  43. Ezennia Vincent Chukwudalu

    The females rap better than Megan thee stallion

  44. pavel haralampiev

    Best track ever bro music vocal lyrics atmosphere 😇 beattiful

  45. man lust

    hey found this guy on the youtube net. take a little time to listen. here's the playlist : "its gucci the prototype" !

  46. iSpottem

    where ola

  47. Sir3rd White

    When the teacher leaves me and my friends alone in detention

  48. JMURPH79

    So now I kinda see what 1017 mean

  49. Jonathan Johnson

    Future I fucks with his squad next up

  50. Ladybug Arnette

    This fi 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  51. Kel Nathanne

    Eu gostei 😅❤👑

  52. No ID

    What is that dark ding called in studio terms? I love it


    Then come at me brooooooooo


    What u think is gonna happen next!!🎶🗺️🛸

  55. Corey Eddins

    Now this is "Superior flow" Gucci mane 💯.

    1. man lust

      hey found this guy on the youtube net. take a little time to listen. here's the playlist : "its gucci the prototype" !

  56. Big Ape

    Gucci smart for capitalizing off this how he did but i lowkey feel like they been cool for a while and played us for the marketing and sales . Him acting a little aggressive during the verzuz was literally scripted the whole thing was. Jeezy already knew he was gonna say everything he said. Events that large are rigged

  57. Andrew Greene

    can someone explain how at 2.18 sec ???? how did she make the cut lololoolololololololol dont they have a ass requirement straight back

  58. Zaire Hammonds

    Grand Puba

  59. WorldHAX

    A Future Billionaire will life this comment.

  60. Kristopher Deundra Smith next Gucci!!

    1. man lust

      hey found this guy on the youtube net. take a little time to listen. here's the playlist : "its gucci the prototype" !

  61. L Mnop

    They all sound like alternative universe Gucci man , you. Got Roderick davis , gucci , la flare, and so icy

  62. L Mnop

    All I can say is wow.

  63. benjin green

    🌱:cannabis advocates .. 💎:medical cannabis .. .....🔞🔞 ....:wickr:kushorder44 📸snap:@plug_walk7803.

  64. jessi perry

    whoever dislike this should not have clicked to watch hater ass mfs

    1. man lust

      hey found this guy on the youtube net. take a little time to listen. here's the playlist : "its gucci the prototype" !

  65. Travaughn Wilkes


  66. Chris Tillman

    Says there is no wrappers left what is Gucci put his money at the 10 to 15 year olds gifted talented talents

  67. Kayla Mechelle

    Foogiano so fine 😍😍, but Big Latto did that 💅🏼👅

  68. puck blommers

    Like before youre balls get punished

  69. Kamisha Sanders

    Foogiano hit the hardest

  70. Leon Brown

    Kodak Black

  71. Everything Goes

    Okay Kodak is cracking me up 😂😂😂

  72. Kamryn Dabbs

    He’s still got kiesha hahaha

  73. D G


  74. Majestic_ Possessed_dog

    anyone listening in 2020?

  75. Richard Will

    United End it u

  76. Linda Adams Warren

    I like the new Gucci

  77. your mom

    August 2017, damn time flies